Certified International Green Procurement Manager (CIGPM)


Does your organization realize that Supply Chain and Purchasing Management processes are typically “hard on the environment”?  Does your organization know what its Supply Chain and Procurement Management organizations can do to lessen that unfavorable impact as well as achieve other favorable organizational objectives through “environmentally responsible purchasing”?   This course and certification provides helpful “Green Procurement/Purchasing” Benchmarks from organizations in both the private and public sectors, organizations that have pioneered systems and processes that others can replicate/duplicate in their own organizations.  The time is now!!  The subject is GREEN!!

Who should attend?

Managers of purchasing, procurement, sourcing, materials, and supply chain management who are responsible for the overall performance of their organizations as well as working professionals in those functions who wish to know how they can implement “Environmentally Responsible Purchasing” in their organizations in an efficient and effective manner without disrupting other organizational goals and objectives.

Program Outline

Green Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Case: Environmental Case Studies
ISO 14000 Environmental Standard
Introduction to Green Purchasing/Procurement
Case: Green Purchasing Success Stories
Green MRO
Credit Card User Guidelines for Green Purchasing/Procurement
Biobase Purchasing/Procurement
Energy Star Purchasing/Procurement
Green Paper Campaign
Lean Green Supply Chain Guide (USAEPA)
Case: Green Supply Management Impact—Research Study







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