If your organization is sourcing or selling offshore, or is considering it, you already know the value of market knowledge of your target country.  You are probably aware this knowledge comes with a price.  “Doing your homework” on a specific country and researching the negotiation behavior of businesspeople in that country can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For the most part, this is an excellent investment that is returned many times over in purchase negotiation cost savings or sales negotiation profit with businesspeople in that country.


IPSCMI provides you an opportunity to “short circuit” that research effort by providing you a portfolio of lectures on “Negotiating With Off-shore Negotiators From _____”  Lectures included in this portfolio include:


    • “Negotiating With Americans”
    • “Negotiating With Chinese”
    • “Negotiating With Japanese”
    • “Negotiating With Germans”
    • “Negotiating With Arabs”
    • “Negotiating With Mexicans”
    • “Negotiating With Indians”
    • “Negotiating With Brazilians”
    • “Negotiating With Filipinos”
    • “Negotiating With Vietnamese”

    Each Negotiation lecture (on Powerpoint with AUDIO) contains the following:

l         An introduction to the culture of the target country

l         Geert Hofstede’s rankings for the following dimensions:

  1. Power Distance
  2. Uncertainty Avoidance
  3. Masculinity
  4. Individualism
  5. Long Term Orientation

l         Typical Negotiator Behavior through all phases of negotiation

l         Victor Pooler’s “Global Purchasing” Opinions concerning negotiator behavior (Negotiation Nuances)

l         5 Things a Negotiator can do to increase leverage over a target company negotiator


A customer can order one, several, or all of the negotiation lectures.  Each lecture is $100, and the entire portfolio of 10 lectures can be ordered for $500.  


An added bonus is that customers who order all eight lectures can receive certification as a “Certified International Professional Negotiator” (CIPN).  This IPSCMI certification is available on a “grandfathering” basis (no examination required), for an additional $220.


To order, please make the payment for what you have chosen by credit card at or you can transfer the funds to our bank account. If you decide to use money transfer, please email Fiona Xia at to get our bank information. We will give you permission to download the lectures after your payment has been confirmed.




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