Course Contents

  1. Negotiation Environment and Background
  2. Contract Negotiation Competencies – The Skills to Win
  3. Self-Assessment Survey
  4. The Contract Negotiation Process
  5. Q&A - Exercise
  6. Planning Contract Negotiations – People, Tools, & Best Practices
  7. Case Study
  8. Planning Contract Negotiations:  Strategies, Tactics, and Countertactics
    Exercise – Q&A
  9. Conducting Contract Negotiations:  Building Relationships and Successful Outcomes
  10. Case Study
  11. Forming and Documenting the Contract or Purchase Order
  12. Exercise – Q&A
  13. Contract Negotiations : Best Practices
  14. Mock Negotiation Exercise Between Buyers and Sellers 


At the completion of this seminar, students will be able to explain:

  • The responsibilities of the Seller and Buyer in preparing for, conducting, and documenting contract and purchase order negotiations for price and other terms and conditions.
  • The difference between negotiation and bargaining.
  • The negotiation phases.
  • The Five different negotiation strategies.
  • The difference between win-lose and win-win negotiation.
  • How to employ “negotiation science” including objectives, walk out price, ZOPA, and BATNA.
  • How the negotiator obtains and uses power.
  • How the negotiator uses various tactics during negotiation such as “Good-Guy-Bad-Guy” and the “Nibble”, among others.
  • Explain how negotiation behavior varies from culture to culture.
  • Explain the differences in negotiation behavior between women and male negotiators.

Who Should Attend This Seminar?

  1. Domestic and International buyers and sellers responsible for negotiating contracts and purchase orders for goods and services
  2. Lawyers, engineers, technical personnel, cost accountants, and cost analysts who support the negotiation process
  3. Directors, Senior Managers, Managers, and Heads of the following departments:
    1.    Purchasing
    2.    Procurement
    3.    Supply Chain Management
    4.    Marketing and Sales Management
    5.    Supply Chain Strategic Planning
    6.    Strategic Planning
    7.   Business Development

    8.    Supplier/Vendor Management

    9.    Supplier/Supply Management
    10.   Buying/Purchasing
    11.   Materials Management

    12.   Logistics

    13.   Manufacturing/Operations
    14.   Outsourcing
    15.   Information Technology
    16.   Administration



The purpose of this course is to understand the theory and processes of negotiation as it is practiced in a contract negotiation setting. Negotiation is the art and science of securing an agreement between two or more independent parties. This course focuses on understanding the behavior of individuals, groups and organizations in the context of competitive situations. 

This course allows students to develop negotiation skills experientially and to understand negotiation between the buyer and seller. Emphasis is placed on cases, negotiation exercises, role-playing, and mock negotiations. The exercises serve as catalysts for the evaluation and discussion of different contract negotiation scenarios However, they are not meant to include every aspect of "real-world" negotiation. Class discussions and lectures will supplement the exercises.


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