Why Choose Online Education and Training?

Earn the credentials you need to take your career to the next level! The American Certification Institute (ACI), International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI), and Global Negotiation Institute (GNI) help you build the skills you need to succeed in today’s rapidly changing business world, with the most in-demand business and management certifications — online, anytime and anywhere.

If you’re thinking about earning a professional certification online, welcome aboard. ACI/IPSCMI/GNI can connect you to these programs.Our students participating in online classes are taught the same subject matter by the same professors and industry experts as conventional students. Not only is the coursework the same, so are the certifications.

Did You Know …

Studies show that adults often learn and retain more in online courses because they are more motivated than traditional students.

There are significant advantages to online learning:

  1. Online learning is convenient.
    • 24/7, anytime - anywhere course access lets you earn career-advancing certifications while you continue to meet professional and personal commitments.
  2. Online learning is portable:
    • Work from your home, office, local library or on the road — wherever you have access to a computer with an Internet connection. Even if you can’t access the Internet, you can still view course lectures using CD-ROMs.
  3. Online learning is credible:
    • ACI/IPSCMI/GNI are your connections to more than 20 programs and 100 online courses from the nation’s most respected  Institutes. You’ll earn the same certification as traditional students — without stepping foot in a classroom.

Is Online Learning Right for You?

Take this quick quiz and find out!

Q. Do you have regular access to a computer with Internet access and up-to-date software and operating systems?
Q. Do you know how to create Word files, send e-mails with file attachments and use the Internet for research?
Q. Are you familiar with Windows, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat/PDF, Internet Explorer and/or Netscape?
Q. Have you ever used e-mails, chat rooms, message boards and other online technologies?
Q. Can you absorb information presented in audio and video formats?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, it’s likely that you’re already familiar with the technology needed for a successful online learning experience. But even if you answered “no” to one or more questions, ACI/IPSCMI/GNI offer technical support to help you succeed. BBC offers a free tutorial to help you master common technology tasks used in online learning.

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